Classes Offered


Danspace trains children from 4 years old and above. The school uses the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet (ACB) syllabus founded by former ballerina of the Australian Ballet, Christine Walsh A.M. As director of the ACB in Melbourne, Ms. Walsh developed the syllabus by adapting the 8-year Russian Vaganova method into a 12-year training and examination program. This enables ballet students studying part-time to begin training from 5 years of age and complete it in 12. The program emphasizes correct placement, dynamics and performance quality.




Primary A

Students beginning at 4 years old are introduced to the fun of movement. Warm-up time involves floor exercises such as curling and stretching the spine, pointing and flexing the feet, and moving like animals. The young students are engaged in song and dance while being taught rhythm, coordination, body awareness and flexibility. Music is light and lively and props such as fans, wands and scarves are used to encourage creative movement and increase kinetic energy.


Primary B

Students aged 6 to 7 years old are taught the basic foundation of classical ballet. Posture and good alignment are already stressed at this young age. Students starting in this level are prepared for the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet (ACB) examination program.



 Level 1-3

Students 7 and up are trained using the ACB syllabus and are entered for examinations. A minimum of twice-a-week classes are recommended at this level as muscle memory is at play. Ballet theory, and stretch and strength exercises supplement the ballet classes.