Erika Garcia

Teacher for Primary A & B

Erika - Danspace Teacher

Yuppie from Monday to Friday, Ballerina on Saturdays, and full-time Mom every day.

Erika started her dance training when she was 8 years old with the Philippine Ballet Theatre Conservatoire (PBTC) in Assumption College, San Lorenzo, Makati. When the school closed after 4 years, she moved to the Steps Dance Studio but eventually stopped dancing. A year later, she discovered that Teacher Maritoni Rufino Tordesillas, with whom she had trained at the PBTC, had started her own school.  Thus her love affair with ballet was rekindled.  Erika found herself back in her ballet shoes, dancing once again. She has been under the guidance of Teacher Maritoni since 2000, and she finds that each year she falls in love with the art all over again.

Having been one of Teacher Maritoni’s first students, it was almost natural that Erika eventually started teaching at Danspace.  She currently handles the Primary classes every Saturday, while also working for Deutsche Bank during the week.  She loves being silly with her students, going on road trips with her husband, and spending afternoons playing with her son.



Andrea Montelibano

Teacher for Primary A

Andrea studied ballet and modern dance at the Garcia-Sanchez school of Dance in Bacolod City under the tutelage of Gianne and Georgette Sanchez.   She fondly recalls how much happiness and excitement she felt performing for many people not only in her hometown in Bacolod City, but also in a few places around the country. Alongside her love for dancing, she also has a great passion for horses and horseback riding. She is currently training and competing at the Manila Polo Club with Mia Virata. When she’s riding, she feels like she’s dancing as well, but this time with a partner.  She stresses that balance and being in synced with your horse is important.  Both dance and riding have been a big part of her life and she believes that they have shaped her into the person she’s always wanted to be.  She thanks God for blessing her with amazing teachers and trainers. Without them, she wouldn’t have understood the meaning of success and achievement.  She is truly thankful for being able to experience the wonders of dance and the exciting feeling of flying on horseback.  She currently handles the Primary A classes alongside Teacher Erika and finds teaching the young ballet students both a joy and a challenge.